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1., What are the benefits of the Wedding Package Add-on's ( additional hours, engagement shoot)?

There are many benefits in choosing to include the add-on's to your package. I've listed them in detail below :)

-Additional hours: Having additional hours allows me to be there from start to finish and not miss a thing! I'm there from the moment you sit down and start getting ready surrounded by your closest girlfriends, to the moment you exit your reception as a married couple through a sparkler tunnel! I recommend having me there for 9-10hrs total.

-Engagement shoot: There are many benefits to doing an engagement shoot with me. Not only do you get awesome professional "casual" photos of you and your soon to be hubby (to use for your home & reception). You get a chance to work with me before your big day! This allows you both to become very comfortable with me and how I shoot, so on your day you're a pro! Plus, it also gives us a little more time to get to know each other :)

2. What should we expect when working with Katelyn Owens Photography?

For many people it may be their first time getting their photos taken by a professional photographer. I realize this can be a bit nerve racking and uncomfortable. You can expect anything BUT that. Photography is a huge passion of mine. I LOVE what I do and because of this when shooting I am in my element doing what I do best. In result, I myself am comfortable and relaxed SO you can expect you to feel the same way! I have fun with it and do my best to make you have fun too! Also, candids are my specialty, so a lot of the time I will say, "okay, just hang out and talk and forget I'm here" and you are able to just relax and be yourself. I KNOW my style, what is "Katelyn Owens Photography" and because of this I confidently know how to capture the shots I want you and you're expecting. In result of this I clearly know how to direct you, or not to direct you and do it in a way that doesn't feel forced. You will have a great time...just read my reviews ;)

3. Can I change or negotiate a alternative wedding package with you?

Generally no. After doing many weddings and portrait sessions, I feel have customized my packages in a way that my clients LOVE. and usually fits their needs perfectly. Much thought on my part has gone into planning out my packages. Even if you're unsure if you NEED that many photos or that many wedding day hours, you can trust that I have designed my packages with the clients in mind and what is best for YOU and what you will end up being very happy with. This does not mean you can't ask me questions and see what I might say :)

4. I see that your wedding package includes an PASS Online Sharing Gallery. Can you explain what that is?

I am in love wiith PASS! To put it simply, it is a online gallery with highlights from your wedding day for you to instantly SHARE with your friends and family! It makes the whole process of sharing your photos extremely easy and simple. You are able to send a link of the gallery to them, or use the simple menu to share them directly to facebook, pinterest, email, etc. The best part, they are in high-quality! So when your family and friends view the gallery, they will see them just as you would on your USB no facebook distortion! On top of making it super easy to share the photos, you also have the ability to download them directly to your computer in high-quality! You can instantly have them on your computer in just one click! I still include a USB of your high-quality photos in your package for you to have a tangible copy of. So PASS is just an extra bonus!! When meeting with you, I go over this more in detail :)

5. What should I wear for my photo shoot?

I get asked this question a lot,. My initial response is, "whatever is YOU and whatever you feel comfortable in". Then after thinking a bit more about it and after doing MANY shoots, I feel I do have a few helpful tips. When in a shoot with one other person.., like an engagement shoot or maternity shoot, wear clothes that compliment each other. Don't try to be too matching. Plan for two outfits, a casual one and a dressy one. Also, take into consideration where your shoot is. A lot of times, if you plan it out your outfit can really compliment your surroundings and make your photos pop! For family shoots I recommend being a bit more matching. Pick a couple colors that go well together and tie them together on each person in some way. Keep in mind fun wearing fun solid colors that pop. Bright colors always compliment your surroundings and as a solid they don't distract from the people wearing them. Fun accessories such as, a chunky necklace, or headband add a unique touch and pop to your photos.

6. How long is a typical Engagement shoot and how many photos do I receive?

Engagement sessions usually take 1-2hours. Having more then one location can increase the time a 1/2hour or so. You receive 75-100 fully edited photos.

7.. I just received my photos and I LOVE my them, but I'd like a couple changed, can you do this for me?

Yes, I can. I assume that choosing to hire me, you love my style and are hiring me because you want photos like the ones I create. I do however understand that it is normal for you to want to change a couple. For example, I edited one in black & white and you'd like it in color. Or I edited one in vintage and you'd like it in color. Whatever the request, I have no problem accommodating you... BUT you must know that I am a professional and an artist there is always a "method to my madness". If I edited one in vintage apposed to vibrant color, it is because with much consideration that is what I felt made the photo pop and look AMAZING. For any additional work that is requested after you receive your gallery, the first hour is complimentary after that there is a hourly charge. All requests must be made within 2weeks o receiving your gallery.

8. What does having Printing & Sharing Rights to your photos mean?

In my portrait and wedding package descriptions it includes 'printing & sharing rights'. All this means is that can print them at your own discretion. as well as having the rights to "share" them on fb, your blog, pinterest, etc.. You have the freedom to print them where you choose and display them in your home. This does not mean you can do whatever you want with them. You cannot alter them in any way, sell them or use them for commercial use. You do not have the rights to do those things. Also, Katelyn Owens Photography always retains joint copyright privileges as well. Many photography businesses do not release copyright privileges and require you to purchase any and all prints from them at high cost.

9. Speaking of prints, why should I buy them when I can print my own?

Yes, it is true that you have copyrights to your photos and can print them where you choose. However, no matter where you print them NO where is going to offer the high quality prints like the prints you get from a professional printing company. The quality is unmatchable and you will NOT be disappointed. If you'd like to see samples of different paper you can print on, please let me know. If you still decide to print on your own, there is only one place I recommend and that is Costco. The quality is as close to professional as you can get. Anywhere else will not do justice to my photos, so please don't go there!

10. I have ideas/props that I'd like to have in the shoot...can I incorporate them?

Yes, you can. Although I assume you are hiring Katelyn Owens Photography because you LOVE my style and want photos I create, I do understand that you might have ideas too! Most clients come to the shoot with an open mind, ready for me to direct them, knowing I know the best ways to achieve great photos. There are some clients that come with ideas and KNOW what they want. I am completely open to your ideas and such, they are YOUR photos and I want you to love them. Just know that if you take the Katelyn Owens out of Katelyn Owens Photography, you're not going to be getting the photos you are hiring me to take, rather unoriginal photos. I always welcome and encourage fun props and things that make YOU shine in your photos.

11. Locations for our shoot, do I choose or you?

You can! It's your shoot and your photos and I want YOU to love them. As long as the location is within Chico and the small surrounding towns, you have the freedom to choose where you'd like your shoot. If you have no idea where you'd like them and need help. I have plenty of location suggestions for you! Below are a few of my favorite places to shoot in and around Chico:

Upper Park
Lower Park
Five Mile
Tree Farm
Vina Monastery
White Ranch
Durham downtown
Stilson Canyon
Cal Park Lake
Chico State
Bruce. Rd.
Train graveyard
Emipire coffee
NC Island
Gorilla Bites
Orange St.
Park Ave.
Patrick's Ranch
Caper Acres
Horse Shoe Lake
Covered Bridge
Hooker Oak Park
Durham Orchards
Lavender Ranch
Forest Ranch